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Teaching and Research

Dr. Kern currently holds an academic appointment as Adjunct Professor at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. 

His current research interests include:

Cognitive functioning and post-hospitalization outcomes

Performance validity

Refractory epilepsy and post-surgical outcomes

Select peer reviewed publications include:

Finley, J., Brook, M., Kern, D., Reilly, J., Hanlon, R. (2023). Profile of Embedded Validity Indicators in Criminal Defendants with Verified Valid Neuropsychological Test Performance. Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology, 38(4):513-524. 

Kern, D., Busch, A., Schneider, K.L., Miller, S., Appelhans, B., Waring, M., … Pagoto, S. (2019). Psychosocial factors associated with treatment outcomes in women with obesity and major depressive disorder who received behavioral activation for depression. Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 42(3): 522-533. 

Ziemowit, M., Hanes, S., & Kern, D. (2019). Effect of a year-long interprofessional clinical

case-study course on interprofessional readiness behaviors. Journal of Physician Assistant Education, 30(4), 223-227.  

Schneider, K.L., Carter, J., Putnam, C., Keeney, J., DeCator, D., Kern, D., & Aylward, L. (2018). Correlates of active video game use in children. Games for Health Journal, 7(2),


Schneider, K.L., Panza, E., Handschin, B., Ma, Y., Busch, A., Waring, M., Appelhans, B., Whited, M., Keeney, J., Kern, D., Blendeau, M., Ockene, I., Pagoto, S. (2016). Feasibility of pairing behavioral activation with exercise for women with type 2 diabetes and depression: The Get It study pilot randomized controlled trial. Behavioral Therapy, 47(2), 198-212.

Schneider, K.L., Murphy, D., Ferrara, C., Oleski, J., Panza, E., Savage, C., Gada, K., Bozzella, B., Olendzki, E., Kern, D., & Lemon, S.C. (2014). An online social network to increase walking in dog owners: a randomized trial. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, 47(3), 631-639.

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